Projects Update and News

Additional Sessions: 2 Monthly Sessions

Respite care program availability in Norman have declined over the years, but that is not stopping Project Outreach! We have been able to begin offering 2 respite sessions each month (pending space availability) to families in need in Cleveland County! Through the generosity of our Board we have been able to increase our funding and increase the number of sessions that we offer to 2 each month instead of 1! After the closure of the other local respite care program, Wonderfully Made,  Norman area families had few options available and Project Outreach made it our duty to offer additional sessions whenever possible to our community!

Addition of Executive Director: Amara Schook 

Beginning in July of 2017 Project Outreach began the task of searching for a new Executive Director for the organization. Danielle Broach made the decision to step back to focus on her growing family, although she will still continue working at Project Outreach as a nurse at some of our respite sessions. Dr. Amara Schook joined our team mid-August. She comes to us with 16 years of leadership experience, 11 years of education experience, and nonprofit experience to boot! She currently teaches 6th grade in Cleveland County and serves students with disabilities on a daily basis. She is excited to join Project Outreach!

Seeking New Relationships!

It has come to the attention of Project Outreach that it is time that we begin investing in the prospect of building new relationships with churches, community leaders, and organizations throughout the county to continue to offer our respite services to our wonderful participants! Project is currently seeking organizations, churches, and businesses that are willing to donate space to our organization so that we may continue to offer our sessions as often as our participants need them. :-) The more relationships we build, the stronger we can be in Cleveland County. If you are interested in donating space, money, or know of someone who is interested in donating, please email our director Amara Schook at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with more information!