What do My Children Do At Project Outreach?

Great Question! Here is what a typical session is scheduled to look like at Project Outreach. Let us walk you through it from check-in to check-out. 

12:45-1:00: Check in session attendees and have volunteers available for walking kids to the meet and greet area where we will begin session instructions and announcements at 1:05 p.m.


1:05: Meet and Greet Announcements


Volunteers will introduce themselves, we will discuss the schedule and the stations and allow the kids to go with volunteers.


1:15-2:30: Station 1 Playtime (Session Attendees will work within stations)


2:30-3:00: (Snack) - {If your child has special dietary needs or preferences, please provide that at check-in}


3:00-4:00: Outdoor Playtime


Now that the kiddos are full of food and energy, lets help them burn some of that off by letting them play outside (weather permitting) If we do not have formidable weather, then we will have an alternate activity which will include a movie viewed at the Technology Station.


4:00-4:30: Story-Time, Group Activity, or Sharing Time


During this 30 Minute block, we want to give the kids a time to listen to a short story, do a short activity such as play a game like charades, and even share about their experience at Project Outreach. This helps our organization to know what the kids are enjoying and even where we can improve. In addition, it gets them to participate together, even if it is just listening to a story!


4:30-5:00: Clean-up and Check-Out


This last 30 minutes is intended for everyone helping to clean up and check out time for a number of the participants.