Volunteer Expectations

What we do:

We provide free respite care for children with disabilities and their siblings. Basically, parents may drop their children off or our 4 hour respite care session, and we have the opportunity to keep them engaged and playing with peers with and without disabilities.

Who we serve:

Families may enroll their children with disabilities from age 0-21. Disabilities vary widely but are primarily developmental disabilities. For example, you may work with children who have autism, Down's syndrome, intellectual disabilities, or cerebral palsy. We also work with siblings (age 0-12) of children with disabilities, so the child you play with may have no identified disability at all. Each child may have different perception of play than you, so be aware of differences and ready to adapt.

What you do:

Volunteers are vital to Project Outreach. You engage the kids and make their experience as enriched as possible. You may sometimes feel as if there is not a specific task laid out for you. Remember, first and foremost, the reason you are here is to stay attentive to the kids. They are always your priority. If you have no set task, find a child to engage. For more specific information on what types of activities you may be asked to participate in, see below.

What we expect:

Project Outreach needs mature volunteers who are able to initiate contact and activities. Please recognize that, while we appreciate volunteers, we reserve the right to ask volunteers to leave at any time if they are not satisfying our volunteer expectations. Our priority is keeping our families and children safe and happy. If you have any questions prior to the session, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will be happy to discuss them with you.